Grooming Service at Dog Ranch

At Dog Ranch we offer professional grooming service Monday-Saturday. Appointment is required.

Call us now at 96 41 70 41 to make an appointment!

Pick-up and delivery service available.  

Full service dog grooming

Our grooming service includes brush, bath, blow -dry, nail and ear care, trimming (plucking ear fur, shortening and shaping long leg fur, clean-up/shape  the feet and head - generally there is no clipping on the main part of the body).

Our clipping service includes everything mentioned above plus custom clipping/styling on the body according to your breed’s standard and/or your preferences. 


Please note: These are general prices which are subject to change depending on the condition of your dog’s coat, matting and attitude.  An accurate price will be estimated and provided in advance.

  • 30% discount of all grooming services for dogs staying at our Dog Hotel!

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All dogs boarding with us will receive a 30% discount for all grooming services. Make a grooming request when sending your dog for boarding.  

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